Áit Linn Alcohol Addiction Recovery

An ability to live and cope with emotions and difficulties both physical and psychological without the substance alcohol in the system. If you drink every day it can be impossible to imagine life without alcohol. However we recommend that first people become aware of what they are drinking. Start to measure your use of alcohol, and count the number of standard drinks. Then perhaps start to gradually reduce what you are drinking, and see how you feel. If you are drinking to change how you feel, then maybe you might like to talk to someone about how to cope with your feelings once your alcohol use is reduced or stopped. We can help.

How can Recovery be achieved?

Consistant support in a safe and private environment, developing self awareness and a belief that you can change how you react to cravings, working on developing an alternative identity, understanding your pattern of use and why and how you drink, learning to trust others with how you feel, and learning to share.

How can Recovery be started?

Be curious about what would happen if you asked for help with stopping or reducing your drinking.

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