Áit Linn Team and Treatment Philosophy

All our staff have considerable experience in the area of addiction and are qualified in psychotherapy. We work in an integrated approach incorporating current theories in motivation, cognitive behavioural therapy, and mindsfulness at the early stages of assessment and treatment, and moving towards working on an individual's relationship with themselves and the people around them as treatment progresses. We use a combination of individual support and group therapy to facilitate change, and we support the entire family system with a seperate programme for concerned support people of the individual attending.

Addiction tends to affect not just the individual but those around them and long term recovery generally involves the entire family system, where possible and practical.

Áit Linn staff are qualified to engage with employers and social workers of clients if they wish us to. We have particular expertise in the area of case conferences and related treatment plans. We take the confidentiality of and relationship with our clients very seriously and work to maintain those.