Áit Linn FAQ

What is a detoxification?

Many people approach their G.P. looking for medical support to stop drinking. What this oftens means is clients receiving a prescription for Librium from their G.P. for 5-7 days while they stop drinking. Stopping drinking without support can be hazardous. This type of intervention can work for people that are not alcohol dependant, or whom are very motivated, or engaged with other psychotherapeutic supports. It is the view of this project that stopping drinking should be planned and worked towards with the aid of specially trained staff. Also support needs to be in place around for a period of time after a detoxification to ensure that they are supported in managing cravings.

How much alcohol is a lot of alcohol?

The current safe limits are 11 units in a week for women and 17 units in a week for men, with the guidelines indicating that these amounts should not be drank over consecutive days or in greater than 3-4 unit amounts in one sitting. However it is not how much you drink but what happens when you drink.

When is it safe to detoxify from alcohol at home?

This question should always be answered after consulting your G.P. or medical practitioner.

When should I go to hospital?

If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned in the 'Worried?' section.

How does alcohol affect my family?

At Áit Linn we have a particular interest in working with the entire family. We find that alcohol use affects children in particular ways. The unpredictability of living in a household where addiction has a role in the family can affect children particularly. Children thrive in households where there is predictability and normal routines, and where they are not asked to occupy roles above their emotional capacity. Often the unpredictable nature of living in a household where they are trying to understand and manage addiction can result in physical, emotional and psychological disruption for children, leading to problems concentrating in school, emotional outbursts, childhood depression and becoming withdrawn.

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