Family Support

At Áit Linn we support long term engagement at the level of the family. This happens at two levels. Service users that wish to bring a support person or family member to their first number of sessions may do that. This allows them to have assistance and support if they are initially very unwell. We can also accomodate couple and family sessions throughout our treatment programme, as often as well as unhelpful patterns of drinking, unhelpful patterns of communication can arise which may prove challenging to both the problem drinker and the concerned person.

Secondly, we run a seperate treatment programme for Concerned Persons whom may or may not have a family member active in the treatment programme. In this programme, which takes the form of one to one support and a weekly therapy group, people concerned about the effect of alcohol use in their family, either in the present or the past can attend specifically for themselves. Confidentiality across family members if they are attending different parts of the programme is assured.

This takes place on Friday mornings at 9.30am, but to attend, individuals should make contact with the centre and arrange to see one of our staff before coming to the group.